Emerging industries with innovations set to transform the future

Image source: pixabay.com

The world is changing and you’re one of the lucky few who are starting to benefit from the decades of hard work of scientists and innovators who dreamed of a future where science fiction can finally be transformed into a real-life scenario. Thanks to these industries, the current and future generations are will be looking at a brighter and a more convenient future:

Virtual Reality

From home entertainment, gaming, human resource, medicine, business, to even design and engineering, the virtual reality technology has found its home in everyone’s day to day activities. By 2020, the virtual reality industry and its ability to create a full-immersive multimedia environment to its users are projected to bring in over $15 billion in total economic impact globally, making it a potential component in many investment accounts, including offshore discretionary portfolios.

Self-driving Cars

Forget first about flying cars and hover pods, and welcome the emerging industries that focus on the development of autonomous vehicles. The largest car and technology companies in the world are on a dash to launch a fleet of the vehicles of the future – minus the human drivers. While there are still a lot of challenges that this emerging industry has to face, innovators and investors know that the long road ahead will be worth the drive.

Artificial Intelligence

Creating intelligent machines that can achieve the greatest feats in learning, problem-solving, computation and planning is the main goal of the AI industry. As an emerging sector in technology, it has gathered massive interests from all over the world, with its promise of totally changing how humans live and work without compromising productivity and efficiency. AI is also a supplement to another leading sector in technology, robotics. Combining both creates a future straight out of a science fiction movie – but safer and more human-friendly.