European Countries with the highest-paying jobs for expatriates

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Expatriation is an economic phenomenon that has taken the world by storm in the last couple of decades. A healthy community and environment, financial security, high standard of living, and endless opportunities—these are mainly the reasons why many people choose to explore and simultaneously work outside of their home country.

Furthermore, some of the highly industrialized nations can be found in Europe. In fact, it is the world’s second smallest continent yet considered as one of the wealthiest regions on Earth. In 2012, Europe had about 33 million expats, with Germany alone having recorded more than 7 million foreign population.

For career-driven expatriates who are looking for a greater opportunity, these European countries can be your next exciting career destinations:


  1. United Kingdom

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In terms of career opportunities for expats, the U.K. has endless options to offer. London, the country’s capital and a melting pot of many cultures and international businesses, has long established itself as a global center for finance, tourism, and even the arts. Equally important cities are Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, and Glasgow. While moving to this country can be a bit complex and daunting, the United Kingdom is home to one of the largest business centers in the world, and is therefore a conducive environment for career-driven individuals—especially in financial sectors. According to UK Business Insider, white-collar expatriates can get paid an average annual income of $170,000 in technology and telecom, $215,000 in insurance services, and as high as £400,000 in financial services.


  1. Switzerland

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Switzerland is politically and economically stable. Its efficient tax system, high average income, and robust economy are some of the many reasons why many expatriates are compelled to move to this country. The cost of living in Switzerland is relatively high, but it is still an attractive destination to many international workers. As of 2017, the number of foreign residents in the country has reached over 2.1 million.  The hope of global brands such as Nestlé, Glencore International, Credit Suisse, and Novartis, Switzerland contribute heavily to the European economy. Their best-paid professions for expats are in the business and investments field, where workers can get an average salary of around $180,000.


  1. Germany

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Among Western European countries, Germany has a relatively lower cost of living, which makes it an ideal work destination for many expats. However, that does not mean that the quality of life is also lower. In fact, the country scores very highly on the Human Development Index (HDI). The country has the best recycling system, high quality public transport services, superb locally developed technologies, and a vibrant social environment. One of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe also belongs to Germany. On March 2017, it recorded an all-time low of 5.8 percent.


  1. Netherlands

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Achieving work-life balance seems easier in Netherlands compared to its neighboring nations. The Dutch standard of living is quite expensive particularly in Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands. However, working in the Dutch business world, the level of salaries are highly competitive. In addition, companies provide an average of 30 days paid time off. Factoring in national holidays, workers may enjoy over a month of paid vacation time. The median gross expat salary in Amsterdam, as of 2017 and based on PayScale Inc.’s report, is around $68,000 for IT project managers, $62,000 for business development manager, and $55,000 for research scientists.