Financial Services for the Global Expatriate

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Gone are the days when savings options for expatriates have only been confined to traditional bank products—high liquidity but offer very low interest rates. With more markets emerging and the global economy as a whole rapidly evolving, the need to tap into new and cutting-edge financial tools and services has become a need rather than just a contingency to protecting and growing people’s wealth. In such a case, offshore banking and investing have unlocked ground-breaking opportunities to help investors maximize their potential for harvesting profits.

Depending on the financial and business climate of the country they work in, expatriates may find it difficult to diversity their financial assets. Many jurisdictions have huge levies on personal income while others lack opportunities to access high-growth financial securities. It is for this very reason that offshore banking and investing emerged like skyscrapers, where state-of-the-art financial centers provide expatriates and all other international investors the access to global equities, fixed-income assets, mutual funds, and even precious metals right at their fingertips—regardless of where they are in the world. With high-technology online tools, customizable investing programs, and an experienced management team from within an efficient corporate structure, offshore financial services are making it a lot easier for investors to enjoy a wide range of economic opportunities.

Majority of the world’s offshore financial management companies are based in just a few countries or territories, which are typically tax-neutral jurisdictions. Among them are the Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman and the Channel Islands. Leading companies, such as LOM Offshore Financial Services, offer and facilitate international distribution of a variety of assets that investors can take ownership of: equities, bonds, options, futures, commodities, and foreign exchange. In addition, they offer secure banking services that provide a convenient and easy method for accessing funds in their personal accounts. Other services include MasterCard & ATM access, multi-currency transactions, 24/7 customer support, and dedicated private financial advisory.

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Beyond the comprehensive access to global securities, top-of-the-line banking tools, and world-class fund management services, offshore banking and investing companies offer clients a lucrative option to diversify their portfolio, build a hedge against inflation, develop a cushion from very high taxes in a tax neutral environment, and above all, take comfort in the privacy and security of transactions.

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