Middle East: Powerhouse region for expat opportunities

Image source: dnrd.ae

Choosing the expat life can be one of the toughest decisions that anyone can face but it doesn’t mean it’s not worth the try. Even if there are pros and cons, the benefits will always outweigh the risks especially if you know where to start—and what questions to ask: can this city’s culture provide a desirable lifestyle for you and your family? Does it have the economic environment to allow you to grow as a professional?

Many expats who have recently found the answers to these questions can now be found living the best years of their lives in one of the richest and most dynamic regions in the world—the Middle East, not only because its cities boast vibrant cultures of the old and new but its resources to fuel business and professional growth have attracted millions of expatriates from around the globe.

One of the reasons why the Middle East is a healthy option is because of its optimistic economic prospects, thanks to its massive oil reserves as well as a lucrative combination of substantial employment packages and tax-free incentives.


Image source: happytoys.bg

The United Arab Emirates, for instance, is a haven for expat employees. Imagine earning 66 percent more that you did back home? Aside from that, cities in UAE like Dubai, the highest ranking city in the Middle East for expats, offers different experiences such as its exciting social life, year-round outdoor and sports activities that anyone can enjoy without traveling miles away from the city center.

In 2015, Qatar and Saudi Arabia took the first two spots as the homes of the top companies for expats in terms of earning potential. In addition, according to the HSBC survey, these two ranked as the best countries for individual financial growth and progress.

The Middle East, particularly the Gulf Region, has some of the world’s highest proportions of foreign workers relative to the local population. In Saudi Arabia alone, expat population makes up 98.4 percent of the total immigrant population. Meanwhile, India, China, and the U.K produce the most expat workers.