Repost: A Volatile Start to 2019

The stock market had a rough year ender just last month. Check out today how the market kick off 2019 on LOM Financial:



We started 2019 with a rollercoaster in the stock market. The S&P ended the week up 1.90% while the MSCI World Index gained 1.81% in the shortened trading week. Emerging markets were up 1.15%.


Apple Cuts Guidance

Apple cut its revenues forecast for the first time in 16 years as the Chinese market slowed and demand for the iPhone dropped off. There may be a bit more going on here. Apple products have been a status symbol over the past decade. Part of this was well deserved. Apple was one of the first companies to implement a touch screen display and helped innovate the $0.99 song (compared to buying a collection on a CD). Their innovation had allowed them to charge a premium for their phones. At this phase in development, the company has innovated less. The Apple Watch and various minor changes to the phone and tablet space are not providing the same levels of growth for the company.


Apples decision to push off 5G integration makes sense for the US markets. The infrastructure is still being developed state side. Internationally, this strategy places Apple at a disadvantage. For those looking to replace their phones, a 5G ready device should be more desirable as it can operate at 10x the speed of a 4G network. The average life of a cell phone is a little over 2 years. Why would someone buy a phone that costs more and is 1/10th the speed of a generic brand? Apple is aiming to transition into a more services driven brand though it is unclear what that will look like.


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