The first year: A guide for new expats

Moving to a different country and starting a fresh life there screams adventure; but being thrown into an entirely new environment will have its challenges. For most, the first year is when the grind becomes all too real. Some are better at coping than others. So for those who are having some difficulties, they will need some help. Luckily, a lot of people have gone through the exact same situation, so with their wisdom gained through experience, entirely foreign circumstances will become somewhat more manageable.


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Sometimes, expats fail to realize that moving to a different location means so much more than a different scenery. Different cultures, different people from what they are used to, and different customs will get thrown at them one right after the other. In order to prevent any frustrations from building up, they need to embrace everything about their new home. Getting friendly with the locals while asking for a little bit of help and learning while observing them will help big time.


First-year expats should also be open about the new experience and never look back. During the first few months, they will be seeking out fellow citizens who came from the same country as them. Rather, they should just make as many international compatriots as they can. This method can become an effective means to successfully integrate with the new society.


Lastly, one’s expectations should be realistic. People who are going to move aren’t going to be living there as tourists. So they should learn the language, ease into the local cuisine, and do a lot of research about the place.


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There are roughly 50 million expats worldwide, all working in almost every type of industry. Countries in the Gulf Coast (such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE) are home to the most foreign workers while India has the highest rate of citizens expatriating. Some have successfully assimilated in the country they now consider their second home, others are still starting to learn the ropes. Economically, expats are responsible for generating billions of dollars in annual revenues. Comprising a large and diverse market, they are ideal customers for a variety of specialized services or products, such as overseas telecommunications, offshore investments, and travel.