Today’s Most Dominant Tech Giants in the Stock Market

Historically, Technology is one of the largest sectors based on its economic growth globally. In fact, its profitability continues to rise in recent years, generating billions of revenue each year. And, who would have thought that these tech companies will become the world’s largest stock markets, today? 


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  1. Apple

This iconic technology company has made a large impact in history. With its greatest innovations from devices to software products, Apple is now considered as one of the largest and most valuable publicly traded corporations across the globe. In addition, Apple was able to reach $1 trillion dollar market cap valuation in early August.


  1. Amazon

Amazon plays a significant role in both technology and e-commerce industry. Apart from being a relatively huge online retailer, this tech company became a favorite shopping destination by most consumers especially in the U.S., nowadays. In 2017, Amazon’s revenue has skyrocketed to $177.9 billion.



  1. Microsoft

A well-known Washington based Technology Company that focuses on developing advanced computer software, for decades. With over $110 billion in revenue as of this year. Despite the constant market volatility lately, Microsoft has remained robust and firm to continuously attract many investors.