Top companies that ‘fuel’ the highly-industrialized world

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The modern world is powered by the leading providers of energy. In fact, their role in the sustenance of a highly-industrialized generation is considered irreplaceable, making the oil-based energy industry one of the most important providers that fuel the modern era. As such, oil companies are an extremely valuable component in many investment portfolios, including those managed by leading asset management firms like LOM Financial.

Based on their market capital and their ability to deliver millions of products per day, here are the world’s biggest energy companies today:

British Petroleum

With a BPD (barrel per day) estimate of 3.3 million, British Petroleum (BP) is one of the largest producers of oil and gas not only in Europe but in the world. The company is based in London and has an estimated market cap of over $142 billion. BP has operations in 29 countries worldwide that cover activities such as exploring for new oil and natural gas resources, developing access to such resources, as well as producing, transporting, storing, and processing oil and natural gas.


The energy company is a state-run producer of oil and gas in China. PetroChina’s oil production rate has been estimated to have delivered an impressive 4.1 million of BPD based on a January 2018 report. With a market cap of over $248 billion, this energy company controls at least 31% of the country’s crude oil refining operations.


Russia is one of the top energy providers in the world and it’s actually ranked first for its efforts in thermal energy generation – worldwide. The company delivers 8.38 million BPD, with a market cap of almost $60 billion. Moreover, Gazprom owns and operates the largest gas transmission system in the world. The company also expressed their future plans to expand its operations specifically for gas development projects to the Russian Far East.

Exxon Mobil

As an American oil giant, Exxon Mobil has an estimated market cap of over $366 billion, producing 5.5 million barrels of oil per day. That’s why it easily ranks among the world’s biggest oil companies. Additionally, the company does significant research on clean energy technologies that it may commercialize in the near future: algae biofuels, biodiesel from agricultural waste, and carbonate fuel cells.